If you want to expand the labour pool, you should be able to include all the potential candidates when seeking the best person for the job – including people with disabilities. Accommodations can increase the participation of people with disabilities in your organization. Whether you’re reintegrating a staff member returning to work after an accident or an illness, or hiring a new person, accommodations in the workplace provide an accessible, safe and healthy working environment for everyone.

Keep in mind, just like any other worker, a person with a disability may need new accommodations as he or she ages or as the disability enters a different phase. A simple job change can also create new requirements for adjusted accommodations. In an environment where people can speak freely, employees will feel comfortable talking about their changing needs. Encourage the employee with the disability to be open and frank about what they can do. Then take steps accordingly to accommodate them.

Also remember that accommodations aren’t always technology. Sometimes they can include flexibility on hours worked and location of the job. For more information, contact EmployAbilities!