Article from the Rick Hansen Foundation

People with disabilities have traditionally been underrepresented in the Canadian workplace, but that’s changing.

The growth and expansion in certain industries (like the technology and hospitality sectors) combined with the number of Baby Boomers approaching retirement, and the lack of young workers to replace them, means the Canadian workplace is going through a huge shift – and we are beginning to see workforce shortages in many sectors. Recruitment and retention of people who’ve been traditionally under-represented in the Canadian workplace, like those with diverse abilities, is becoming a priority for businesses.

Companies like SAP Software Solutions, Tim Hortons and Vancity are leading the way with inclusive recruitment practices and now others are beginning to adjust their human resources (HR) processes to ensure their businesses are more inclusive and welcoming to various groups of talented people.

Whether you are considering a career move, entering or re-entering the workforce, there has never been a better time for people living with disabilities to explore viable career options. How can you prepare and position yourself on the right career path?

This article shares information on identifying employment opportunities, connecting with an employment services organization like EmployAbilities and how to put your best self forward!