Article written by Sean McEwan, published on LinkedIn

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) right across Canada and the U.S. but how important is Employment Inclusion? While it’s true that people with disabilities are seriously under-represented in the workforce, how big a problem is that really shaping up to be for business? Various Service Organizations, Business Associations and government bodies are focused on a variety of promotional and community engagement activities for DEAM. They’re trying to promote employment inclusion and the services that help connect employers with diverse talent – but what’s the rationale? And what are the benefits?

Here are 31 reasons for employment inclusion. One for every day of DEAM

  1. People with disabilities have talents, skills and insights that our workforce needs – period.
  2. Inclusion of people with disabilities in your workplace can strengthen your business.
  3. Statistics say that up to 46% of your current business hiring decisions fail in the first 2 years
  4. Employment Inclusion Services take the time to know the job-seekers they represent – their strengths and goals etc. so that when they’re presented to you, we’re doing so with solid knowledge of their capabilities and assets – whereas you’re just making your best guess.
  5. Employment Inclusion Services can help you with recruitment.
  6. Employment Inclusion services can help you with on-boarding
  7. Employment Inclusion services can help with training, coaching and re-training where required.
  8. Employment Inclusion Services can help build your skills and capacity in diversity inclusion.
  9. Canada’s workforce is aging – we need to start including untapped and diverse labour pools.
  10. The disability market represents 1.3 billion people globally – plus 2.3 billion in family & friends.
  11. One in every six Canadians has a disability of some kind and the UN describes this group as the fastest growing minority in the world! Reflecting the market you serve is important.
  12. When you hire people with disabilities, you’re communicating to customers with disabilities (and their family members and friends) that your company believes that people with disabilities can make a contribution and deserve to be included.
  13. Market share – plain and simple.
  14. Disability may be viewed as an ‘obstacle’ put in a person’s path. How they thought about that obstacle and found a way over, under around or though it gives them a different perspective of problem solving. This is the essence of the strength inherent in diversity.
  15. According to Forbes Magazine, Innovation is higher at workplaces that reflect diversity and inclusion.
  16. Better employee engagement; mentorship and social inclusion of employees with disability often build investment in the workplace for everyone.
  17. The cost of poverty and unemployment in Canada exceeds $30 billion dollars a year.
  18. People with disabilities experience disproportionate rates of unemployment and poverty.
  19. Companies which perform well across diversity indicators outperform their industry peers in revenue growth and shareholder value.
  20. Organizations leveraging diversity are better able to adapt to changes in the external environment.
  21. Your competitors are reading this list too…
  22. 90% of people with disabilities did as well or better at their jobs than non-disabled co-workers
  23. 86% rated average or better in attendance
  24. Staff retention was 72% higher among persons with disabilities
  25. Increased overall company morale
  26. Improved interactions with customers
  27. Improved workplace safety
  28. Improved understanding of workplace accommodations helps you retain valuable employees.
  29. 57% of the accommodations that let a person with a disability succeed at work cost nothing.
  30. You might just become a better supervisor; learning how to include and accommodate people with disabilities creates ‘transferable skills’ for effective communication and leadership.
  31. A lot of employers are a bit afraid of trying to supervise and include an employee with a disability – that’s one of the main reasons Employment Inclusion Services exists. We’re quite adept at supporting employers through any issues or concerns. It’s a lot easier than you think.

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