People with disabilities can face unique challenges when it comes to finding meaningful employment. However, employability training programs can help individuals with barriers to employment acquire essential hard and soft skills, boost their confidence, and provide support in landing rewarding employment opportunities.

Training programs can include things like resume and cover letter writing, job interview skills, job search tips, and specific certifications and job skills training.

EmployAbilities offers employability and job skills training programs for people with disabilities and barriers to employment. We have locations throughout Alberta. Learn more about our programs. Here’s how employability training can help:

Building essential skills

Developing a practical skill set is crucial for anyone seeking employment. Employability training equips them with valuable skills to thrive in the job market. These programs offer training to boost communication, problem-solving, time management, and teamwork skills. By honing these abilities, you’ll gain the confidence to navigate the workplace effectively and demonstrate your true potential.

Boost confidence in your job search

Unfortunately, misconceptions and society’s stigmas can contribute to low self-confidence in people with barriers to employment. Employability programs provide a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth.

Through workshops, role-playing exercises, and mock interviews, individuals can build their self-esteem and develop a positive mindset. This training can help you overcome challenges, showcase your abilities, and present yourself as a capable candidate during job interviews and in the workplace.

Address unique challenges and accommodations

Individuals with disabilities might require specific accommodations in the workplace to perform at their best. EmployAbilities can help you understand your rights under local legislation if you need accommodations. In addition, we’ll provide guidance on requesting necessary accommodations. We also work with employers to ensure their new hires have everything they need to do their job well.

For example, we can help communicate the need for assistive technologies, workplace modifications, and disability etiquette, flexible work scheduling, etc.

EmployAbilties’ employability training programs

EmployAbilities offers a wide range of job skills training programs for people of varying needs throughout Alberta. Visit to research our training programs and employment supports available. Whether it’s job readiness workshops, vocational training, or career development programs, EmployAbilities offers a range of resources to help individuals with disabilities in their journey toward meaningful employment.

Employability training can help individuals with disabilities overcome barriers and obtain meaningful employment. These programs empower individuals to showcase their abilities and contribute meaningfully to the workforce by focusing on skill development, confidence building, and addressing unique challenges.

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