Story published in The Mighty

“This is for all the people who didn’t take my learning disabilities seriously. This is for all the teachers who assumed I didn’t try because I didn’t get a good grade. This is for all my classmates who think saying, “I’m stupid, so I’m pretty sure I have ADD,” is acceptable.

But more importantly, this is for anyone who has felt less than his or her peers, incapable of succeeding or has been embarrassed for others to know about their learning disabilities…

What I need people to understand is that my learning disabilities don’t mean I don’t want to learn or I’m not putting all my effort into understanding. Because I am. My learning disabilities don’t mean I’m not as smart as my classmates or I’m not trying as hard. Because, if you ask me, my challenges mean I’m spending twice as much time on my homework, I’m spending three times as much effort on listening and I’m learning four times as much as everyone else.”

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