Creating inclusive workplaces is essential and has several benefits. Hiring people with disabilities brings unique perspectives, talents and skills to the table! If you want to embrace diversity and start recruiting, we’ve offered some tips:

Foster a culture of diversity

Your entire organization and team understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Addressing misconceptions about disabilities will help create a supportive atmosphere. Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion will ensure everyone on the team feels valued.

Use accessible recruiting processes.

Make sure you remove barriers from your recruitment process. For example, you should provide accessible job applications and offer alternative interview formats. You should also mention in your job postings that you’re an employer who is committed to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. This will welcome people from all walks of life to apply! By removing barriers in the recruitment process, you open the door to a more diverse talent pool. If you have questions about this, reach out to us!

Create inclusive policies

Your business can develop and communicate clear disability-inclusive policies. Ensure your company handbook reflects a commitment to providing reasonable accommodations, flexibility, and an environment that values diversity. Inclusive policies will help attract qualified candidates and promote a culture of diversity and acceptance.

Learn about accommodations

Learn how to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities if they need them. It is a myth that accommodations are always expensive and complicated! Sometimes, it could mean a flexible work schedule, allowing an employee to sit instead of stand, or minor modifications to the workplace. Sometimes, an employee might need assistive technologies. Have open conversations with employees to understand their needs and find effective solutions together. Learn more about workplace accommodations.

Ensure your workplace is accessible.

Make your physical and digital spaces accessible. For example, your workplace should be wheelchair accessible. You should also look into making your website and digital platforms accessible. Learn more about website accessibility. This not only benefits employees with disabilities but also enhances the overall user experience for everyone.

Conduct regular reviews and strive to improve.

Starting the recruitment process and hiring people with disabilities is just a start. Once the ball is in motion, make sure you review your disability inclusion initiatives. Ask for feedback from your employees and make adjustments to improve. Remember, the workforce is continuously evolving, and you want to make sure you’re staying on track!

Work with EmployAbilities!

EmployAbilities can assist employers interested in recruiting and hiring people with disabilities. We have a current pool of trained and qualified candidates that can fill your vacant positions. Plus, we can help with guidance on workplace accommodations, creating inclusive policies and cultures, and more.

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