Fulfilling Your Dreams

Tom Beebe is a scaffolder by trade and had worked in gas plants as a carpenter for 12 years. His life plan and dream was to eventually phase of construction and pursue his passion for art.

When Tom was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, his life started to change sooner than he had anticipated. Limited movements in his back and neck now made it difficult for him to continue working in manual labour. Tom decided it was time to move his lifelong passion to the front burner and start making his dreams a reality. He enrolled in a two-year art program.

Part of this passion for art involved providing something unique that wasn’t offered locally. That’s why Tom decided to specialize in the creation of ceramic moulds and sculptures. The Red Deer & District Business Development Corporation (a Community Futures Development Corporation) provided Tom with the tools and support he needed for the planning process and to help him get his business started.

Like any successful entrepreneur, Tom had to look at how to set up his business to attract customers. For Tom, this meant meeting some of his personal health needs in order to perform his best. By having his workspace designed with his tables angled upward to reduce strain on his neck, Tom has been able to successfully meet the needs of his customers, and continue doing what he loves to do – create beautiful sculptures.

Tom finds that the most rewarding aspect of being self-employed is being able to do something he is passionate about; earning a living doing something he loves to do; and being rewarded for his hard work and creativity that is enjoyed by others.

Now Tom is living his dream by creating beautiful sculptures of colourful gargoyles, suns and moons!