I was introduced to the 45+ Works program last Fall. I was not sure what to expect from the course as I was still in a limbo mode with my health, but I thought it would be good for myself to start seeing what the program had to offer. I met my coach, who was very helpful and insightful and knew how to encourage me in a unique way that I wasn’t expecting. I went through the course enjoying and learning from the material that was presented. The more I found myself working with the material presented and receiving help from the team, it provided me some valuable insight into myself and my place in the marketplace! I realized how important networking was with others in my field and found other potential areas for work.

The 45+ Works program helped me attain valuable information about myself and provided me with the ambition to better myself by taking courses that would help me get back into the workforce. It also provided me with the skills to approach life from a different perspective. I am working and looking forward to continuing to grow.

I cannot express how much this program has helped me out by giving me the readiness to move on to the next step in my journey. My coach, social worker, and other supportive colleagues were great! I also believe they truly cared and went further than they had to. Thank you, 45+ Works, for the confidence to keep moving.

– Erik