Hello, my name is Hon (Mathew) Lee and I’m proud to say I’m Chinese Canadian.

Throughout my years in Canada, I’ve always had an employment agency help me with my career growth or advocate on my behalf. When I first came to Canada, I received vocation training. This helped me get my first hotel job that lasted for 13.5 years.

For two years, I had been searching for employment; sometimes dropping off more than a dozen cover letters and resumes at a time. Unfortunately, I had been discriminated against for my age, disability, race and gender. Sometimes I just wanted to give up but then I would remember one of WWE Super catch phrases, ‘never give up!’ so I kept trying for 26 months and 11 days.

I am very grateful for the assistance from the staff and Alberta Supports Coordinators at Meadlark, in particular Bonnelle. She was always patient and kind, going out of her way to help me with my job search.

Finally, I got hired at a job fair put on by a movie theatre company. I went with the resume and cover letter that EmployAbilities helped me with and they hired me on the spot!

My message to all job seekers is to keep fighting for your dream career. There is a perfect career and company for everyone!