career-coaching-1Employment and Retention Enhancement Services (ERES) through EmployAbilities develops employment opportunities for employees with disabilities based on the type of employment they require.  ERES provides task assessment services and funding sources that meet each individual’s needs and goals as well as the employer’s hiring and retention expectations.  We are maintain the highest level of service, look after the tiniest detail, and work one on one with employees and employers.  This high level of service ensures that the job match between employee and employer remains successful.

Employment & Retention Services Overview

Employment Based Assessment Services (1 Day pre-employment)

This service provides employees the opportunity to observe or try out a job for short period of time to determine if they are capable for the job,  if they would be a good fit for the position.  It also allows us to determine if the employee requires accommodation to successfully complete all of the tasks involved in the job.  All services are provided by ERES staff.

Job Coaching Intake (1 Day)

The employee will meet with ERES to discuss how we can assist, complete any necessary forms, discuss confidentiality and to complete an orientation assessment.  After retaining a history of the employee, ERES is able to develop an appropriate service plan, provide the referral funding source with a report and a copy of the specialized learners service plans.

Employment Based Assessment Intake – Transition to Employment (2 Day)

This program focuses on the 3 month employment probation period.  It is an assessment of the employees strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, and abilities – used to determine if the employee is capable of carrying out the certain tasks of the job.  An ecological inventory of the work site, job tasks and workplace culture are all completed.  This assessment must take place at the workplace where the employee will interact with co-workers without disabilities.

The employer will be with the employee during the assessment to provide instruction.  The ERES assessor will evaluate the employee’s interaction with peers, work behaviors, tolerance, skills and task abilities.  The assessor will provide a written report that includes a summary of the results, highlighting potential barriers, suggesting accommodations, training methods and recommendations for job coach services.

The employee will be paid regular wages for hours worked during the assessment.  The employee’s interests and preferences are noted and incorporated into the assessment as well.  Task prompts are developed specific to the employee’s needs.  ERES will submit requests for funding and recommendations if required.

Work Site Based Assessment Development (1 Day)

This allows ERES to meet with potential employers to explain the purpose and benefits of employment or retention services from EmployAbililies.  Information on reasonable accommodations and supportive services are provided to the employer.  This service may include a tour of the job site, an opportunity to observe job duties, or coordinating start date and hours for the employee.

Task Development

Task development is used to develop the tasks with more than three are needed.  A one day assessment is required prior to task development.  A three task analysis are included in the two day assessment.

Work Site Job Coaching

This service provides the employee with work site task training and support they need to adjust to working, learning new skills and duties, and to assimilate into the employment culture.

Learner Material Modification

This service helps the employer modify or develop alternative materials for the employee with disabilities including training manuals, course materials, and government manuals.  This enhances the learning employee’s ability to participate in short term employment training and gain course requirements.

Specialized Learner Supports

This service provides the employee with learner support needed to complete short term work related courses such as First Aid, WHMIS, or to obtain short term government or industry required certifications needed for employment or to advance in the job.

Retention Intake Assessment (6 hours)

This service is for those in risk of losing their job.  ERES and employees will meet to discuss retention services, complete forms, discuss confidentiality and to complete an orientation assessment.  We will review the employee’s situation to develop an appropriate assessment and retention plan.  To ensure that the job match remains successful, the retention service includes a contract between ERES, the employee and the employer after job coaching.  Frequency of contracts will decrease as time goes on.

Contact between the funding source and the employer may occur on or off the job site based on the funding source’s request.  ERES will provide the referral agent with a written report.

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