From the Canadian Association for Community Living

The Conference Board of Canada recently conducted research on the benefits of accessible work environments.  As a result of the research, The Conference Board concludes that despite the fact that people with disabilities represent 13.7 per cent of the Canadian population, employers are not tapping into this pool of employable and skilled workers.  However, workers with disabilities are three times more likely to be unemployed, compared to workers without disabilities.

Ready, Willing and Able, Skilled Workers

13.7 per cent is a significant number, and this number is only expected to increase as the chances of disabilities increase with age. The Conference Board emphasize the overall benefits of employing workers with disabilities and having an accessible work environment. ““We need more inclusive and accessible workplaces and practices that attract new employees with disabilities and at the same time allow existing employees with disabilities, and those that develop them, to remain in the workforce,” explains Ruth Wright, director of Human Resources Research at the Conference Board. There are a number of benefits to investing in accessible workplaces and hiring skilled workers with disabilities, benefits such as better access to a larger consumer market, improved customer loyalty and brand image, to name a few.

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