The Filter Shop has been instrumental in providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities.  They believe that individuals with disabilities are an asset to the work force and they are correct!

Craig began with EmployAbilities in the beginning of October 2012. Craig was excited to find an agency willing to support him in his quest to find meaningful employment.  It was very important for Craig to work and be self-sustaining instead of relying on his parents for financial support. Craig had volunteer work experience, however he felt it was time to find a paid position. During Craig’s work experience he was only successful when there were extremely supportive supervisors and co-workers.  In the beginning Craig was apprehensive but after time he found his niche and was at the agency almost every day attending workshops and being very active in his job search. Craig worked one on one with the Employment Coaches (EC’s) to work on his resume writing skills, interview skills and tips on how to apply for jobs and follow up with employers. It was observed that Craig’s hard work and dedication proved he would be an excellent candidate for work place training.

EmployAbilities searched and found an Employer Partner, The Filter Shop,  who had a great opportunity available, in which to initiate a Work Place Training contract for Craig.  Craig was interviewed along with several other candidates and was successful in obtaining the position.  The Filter Shop supervisor commented the position was offered to Craig because he proved to be professional, personable and someone they would want on their team.  Craig started his training at The Filter Shop in January, 2013, as a Warehouse trainee.

The Filter Shop has been instrumental in providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. This employer will go the extra mile to ensure that the client has supports in place geared towards their individual needs. They have Sign language interpreters and designated trainers for each department to accommodate employees for interviews and staff meetings. What makes this employer unique is the fact that they are solution focussed and look forward to providing their employees with supports in order to retain them. The partnership between EmployAbilities and The Filter Shop is successful endeavour that will continue for many years to come.

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