We are pleased to celebrate the 47th anniversary of EmployAbilities today! A lot has happened during our 47 years of existence, and many things have changed too. We have witnessed many success stories for our clients and employers.

Here are some interesting points in our history:

  • Back in 1974, when we became a registered society, we were known as Employment Services for the Physically Handicapped. At that time, we only provided services to persons with physical disabilities. A few years later, we changed our name to Employment Services for the Physically Disabled.
  • In 1993, our name was changed to EmployAbilities – Resources for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities. We expanded our mandate provincially to include all persons with disabilities seeking employment resources.
  • It was essential to switch our focus on each individual’s ABILITIES rather than their disabilities.
  • Our motto was “Putting Ability to Work”

It has been a rewarding experience to watch EmployAbilities grow over the years. We are even more excited to look forward to the future to see the success of countless people who have come through our doors. Our team is proud to develop one of the most innovative and progressive organizations that are making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in Alberta.

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