Article from CTV News Edmonton

Canada Post says customers who want to continue receiving home delivery because they expect to be unable to access their mail from community mailboxes will require a doctor’s note.

But the agency expects few customers will need such notes, because other solutions can be found to accommodate their needs.

Canada Post announced last December it would be phasing out home delivery over the next five years to the one-third of Canadian households that still get their mail delivered to their home.

The agency says it understands that some people, such as seniors and those with disabilities, face challenges with community mailboxes. That’s why, it says, it’s mailing out questionnaires to people who have informed them they require assistance when their neighbourhood is transitioned to the new boxes.

Canada Post spokesperson Jon Hamilton says customized solutions are found in most cases.

“We talked to experts in many fields of mobility and disability issues and what they’ve told us loud and clear is, ‘You need to be able to tailor the solutions to every individual circumstance’,” he told