AyoungMeet Ayoung Kim, a student from the University of Alberta who volunteered at EmployAbilities while she completed her Masters in Special Education.  After her time here in Edmonton, she returned to her home country Korea to continue her education at the Pan-Pacific International Studies.  There she is in the MA in International Development and Consulting (MIDAC) program.

Ayoung’s Story

I went to Nepal as a volunteer for the I LOVE NEPAL campaign and I was able to see some physically challenged children without sufficient care at home.  Even the children with the opportunity to get an education did not have a conducive environment for studying.  I felt that physically challenged children need to be supplied with their basic needs first, I was wondering what education means for them, and that was the first moment that I decided to work towards a development field that would help them.

After graduation, I realized the need of vocational training for physically challenged people.  After studying in Canada, working there and volunteering at EmployAbilities, I wanted to work in the human resources sector for disabled people.  When I returned to Korea, I felt like I didn’t know much about international relations and wanted to work with an international organization, so I enrolled in the graduate program at Pan-Pacific International Studies.

Ayoung with staff members of EmployAbilities

Ayoung with staff members of EmployAbilities during a staff outing on the High Level Bridge street car

Ayoung, EmployAbilities wishes you all the best on your new journey and looks forward to a future return!