micheleMichele Gillespie moved into the Bonnyville-Cold Lake area and did not have an established network. While she had excellent skills, Michele’s lack of experience in the oilfield industry was a barrier to employment as she lacked appropriate certifications to work in that industry.

EmployAbilities’ Bonnyville & Cold Lake Employment Services Employment Facilitator was able to access exposure courses for Michele through Alberta Works, and tailored her resume to specific jobs. Michele also participated in information interviews, mock interviews, networking sessions and job fairs.

“The services I received provided me with a network of people and the skills required selling myself and applying for jobs that matched my skills,” Michele says. “I was able to access the certification training courses I needed to boost my resume and make it more attractive to oilfield companies.”

Michele was introduced to a Human Resources person at Cenovus by Bonnyville & Cold Lake Employment Services, and shortly after received a job offer with the oil company. She is now happily employed and confident in her ability to do the job well.