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Innovative employers use our services to find and retain capable workers. Like any other brokerage, we match a candidate to a position based on their knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests. Unlike any other brokerage, we offer customized consultation and placement services at no cost and support your organization and our candidate every step of the way. EmployAbilities is a cost-effective solution guaranteed to work for you.

Beyond these obvious benefits, you also get a ‚big picture‚ boost: hiring with diversity positions you as a progressive and inclusive employer ‚ and in today‚ competitive market, that positions you as an employer of choice. As well, a workforce that more closely reflects the makeup of the overall community welcomes a larger customer base (one in three employable Albertans has some form of disability, whether visible or not).

The benefits continue: when you welcome diversity into the workplace, you expand the perspectives available to you, adding to the net creativity and dynamism of your organization. You are less likely to lose a talented and experienced worker who newly experiences disability, and you earn the loyalty and respect of enthusiastic workers who have learned how to solve problems and persevere.

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