Employers are facing a significant challenge when it comes to recruiting and hiring staff. A number of factors, including the pandemic, have caused a shortage of workers in all fields and skill levels, across many industries. Employers are competing for workers, and this raises the cost of recruitment as many must expand their search further afield.

The labour shortage has had a big impact on businesses. Many workers are overworked and burning out. That delays projects and impacts bottom lines. What can be done?

There are qualified people with a disability who are looking for the type of work you offer

A report from the Canadian Council on Social Development found that 51.8% of men and 41.1% of women with disabilities who were post-secondary graduates were employed. Compare that with 82% and 73% of their respective counterparts who did not have a disability. For all age categories (15 to 64 years) together, the employment rate for people of disabilities was almost 44% compared with about 78% for people without disabilities.

People with disabilities make up a significant portion of the qualified labour pool. Yet, it’s more challenging for them to find and retaining meaningful employment.

Hiring people with disabilities

EmployAbilities offers support programs for employers who want to recruit and hire people with disabilities. We provide training to prospective candidates and will help find applicants who meet your qualification and skill requirements. You do the interview, we are there to help answer questions, and you make the hiring decision. We can help with training once the candidate is in the position, and will follow up periodically to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Start today. See how we can help employers hire people with disabilities.