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DEAM Certificate Awarded to Humpty’s Restaurant in Cold Lake

On October 15th, EmployAbilities North presented a certificate to Humpty’s Restaurant in Cold Lake to recognize them as employers that support inclusive hiring practices. We will be doing this all month as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Thomas and Gorette have owned and operated Humpty’s Cold Lake franchise for 15 years. EmployAbilities North is honouring them with a certificate for supporting the inclusion of all persons in their hiring practices. They have had many clients from EmployAbilities North amongst their excellent staff. Sometimes, they have hired people with disabilities without knowing the candidate was a client of EmployAbilities.

Whether you work there or are a patron, you’ll feel welcomed and like a member of the family there. When approached by Employment Facilitator Susan Forbes, they are always welcoming of any applicants from our programs. They also have provided valuable information for clients who would not be suitable to work there. They want to help them to find something that would be a better match.

Thomas goes the extra mile to accommodate some of the unusual requests. For example, they will accommodate frequent breaks for someone who needs them for health reasons. They will patiently repeat information for a person who does not understand it the first time. Gorette is patient with any staff who might struggle in their position. If needed, she will move them into a position where they will thrive instead.

EmployAbilities North is thrilled to present this certificate to Thomas and Gorette and thank them for their contribution to creating inclusive and diverse workforces in Cold Lake.