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EmployAbilities is a community-based charitable non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. Since 1974 we have served people with disabilities, barriers to employment and employers, and acted as a voice of community advocacy. Experience and passion has fueled our leadership in developing programs, services and resources that increase the economic participation and power of people with disabilities. We believe that community and economy are fundamentally intertwined and that diversity must be represented in both to make the most of the future. Our services are not about entitlement or compromise, but inclusion and opportunity.

In June 2011, we established an innovative site for career information and employment placement services for people with disabilities in Edmonton, the EmployAbilities Career and Employment Centre (ECEC).

Our success is staked on the long-term satisfaction of our clients, employers, community partners, and funders. We strive to continually understand and adapt to the changing demands of the workplace and market trends and conditions.

EmployAbilities constantly seeks funding for new and innovative programming by:

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EmployAbilities Board of Directors

Dr. Ollie Triska – President
Ken Saunders – Vice President
Kate Rechetneva – Treasurer
Ed Lavallee – Director
Carmen Thomas – Director
Edgar Jackson – Director
Logan Sawchuck – Director
Andrea Szabo (Mackowetsky) – Director