EmployAbilities Support Solutions

Providing Albertans with disabilities essential training and supports needed to obtain and retain employment.

These specialized assessments are essential and flexible tools, used in conjunction with a psychologist’s recommendations to pinpoint key task behaviours, employment cultural requirements and skill steps needed to implement job coaching or learner supports. EmployAbilities Support Solutions will increase skill development, work-site hiring, employment retention and advancement opportunities.

Employment Services

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Job search supports provide short-term services for individuals with disabilities who are actively seeking employment. Supports and services are provided over and above mainstream services. Job search supports are available to Albertans in rural and urban areas who require career direction and additional skill development, as well as individuals who face transportation barriers to urban services. Participants must be 16 years of age or older.

Worksite supports and job coaching services assist Albertans with disabilities adjusting to work, learning new job duties, assimilating into employment culture and enhancing job retention. This service provides supports when individuals are struggling with a job task due to a disability or health condition. Job coaching can be an effective accommodation when an employee with a disability is having difficulty:
– completing part of his/her job tasks
– merging into the employment culture
– adapting to a change in the persons disability or job duties.


Training and disability consultation provides learning strategies for students with disabilities. They add clarity to the students disability history and medical documentations, coordinate appropriate learning accommodations and match recommendations from psychological assessments in direct support of the student’s skill development and training needs.

Specialized learner supports offer consistency and flexibility through one to one training accommodations. These accommodations can include a note taker/scribe, tutor, academic aide and academic strategist.

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