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What can people with disabilities do?

Help Wanted
Profiles people with disabilities working effectively in a variety of environments from rural to office and manufacturing.
7.5 min presentation


Hired For My Ability
Showcases individuals working in non-traditional jobs in Edmonton, Alberta.
7.5 minute presentation


Additional Resources Available:

‚ÄúHIRED‚Äù CD-Rom Browser, for use with a PC or Mac, is a comprehensive HR TOOLBOX full of information for employers seeking to hire individuals with disabilities.  This digital media resource addresses the business case of hiring individuals with disabilities and how to incorporate individuals with disabilities in your workplace.  It includes information related to human resources, workplace safety, disability descriptions, workplace strategies, communication tips and much more.  HIRED provides information on the benefits vs costs of hiring individuals with disabilities, includes success stories from employers perspectives and how they have attained disability confident workplaces.

To obtain a copy of the HIRED CD-Rom, at no cost, please contact EmployAbilities.